Sources of Energy | Class 10 | Activity 14.9 with Solution

Sources of Energy | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 14.9

Debate the following two issues in class.

(a) The estimated coal reserves are said to be enough to last us for another two hundred years. Do you think we need to worry about coal getting depleted in this case? Why or why not?

✅Answer: Yes. Because coal is a non-renewable source of energy. 

(b) It is estimated that the Sun will last for another five billion years. Do we have to worry about solar energy getting exhausted? Why or why not?

✅Answer: No. Because it is a renewable source of energy. 

On the basis of the debate, decide which energy sources can be considered (i) exhaustible, (ii) inexhaustible, (iii) renewable and (iv) non-renewable. Give your reasons for each choice.


Energy sources are classified as follows:

o  Renewable source: They can be regenerated in nature. E.g. Sun, wind, moving water, biomass, etc.

o  Non-renewable source: They cannot be regenerated in nature. E.g. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc.

Non-renewable resources are Exhaustible.

o  Exhaustible sources: They will get depleted after a few hundred years. E.g. Coal, petroleum, etc.

o  Inexhaustible resources: They are unlimited and will not exhaust in future. E.g. Biomass, sun etc.

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