Body Facts

    1. The Most: Related to body parts
    2. Skin and Hair facts
    3. Eye facts  
    4. Amazing facts about ear
    5. Ear: Amazing Numerical Facts
    6. Pulse rate in human
    7. Heart rate in human
    8. Heart, Blood & Blood vessels- Facts
    9. Systolic blood pressure in human body in different blood vessels
    10. Liver is my Lover
    11. Important glands and corpuscles
    12. Glands: Classification
    13. Special bodies/ structures
    14. Special bones
    15. Ducts & Canals
    16. Foramina/ Fenestra
    17. Amazing facts about Human reproductive system
    18. Amazing facts about Brain and Neurons
    19. Comparison of different types of WBCs (White Blood Cells or Leucocytes)
    20. Cranial nerves: Types, innervations and functions


    1. please gave me a brief note in malayalam of biotechnology 2 lessons in class 12 biology

    2. give me information of various hormonal disorders like aids

    3. Give me more information about aids

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