Body Facts

    1. The Most: Related to body parts
    2. Skin and Hair facts
    3. Eye facts  
    4. Amazing facts about ear
    5. Ear: Amazing Numerical Facts
    6. Pulse rate in human
    7. Heart rate in human
    8. Heart, Blood & Blood vessels- Facts
    9. Systolic blood pressure in human body in different blood vessels
    10. Liver is my Lover
    11. Important glands and corpuscles
    12. Glands: Classification
    13. Special bodies/ structures
    14. Special bones
    15. Ducts & Canals
    16. Foramina/ Fenestra
    17. Amazing facts about Human reproductive system
    18. Amazing facts about Brain and Neurons
    19. Comparison of different types of WBCs (White Blood Cells or Leucocytes)
    20. Cranial nerves: Types, innervations and functions


    1. please gave me a brief note in malayalam of biotechnology 2 lessons in class 12 biology

    2. give me information of various hormonal disorders like aids

      1. plz see the site under endocrine system. You will get the information.

    3. Give me more information about aids

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