Sources of Energy | Class 10 | Activity 14.4 with Solution

Sources of Energy | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 14.4

Find out from your grand-parents or other elders –

(a) how did they go to school?
(b) how did they get water for their daily needs when they were young?
(c) what means of entertainment did they use?


(a) By walking for hours. Some had bullock carts. Motor vehicles were rare. 
(b) From well, ponds, river etc. There was no water supply. They manually collected water from these sources in pots and carried it to their homes.
(c) Drama, music, magic show, books, painting, football etc. Few people had a radio.

Compare the above answers with how you do these tasks now.


(a) We go to school by vehicle within a short time.
(b) Water supply is very easy with the help of the electric motor etc.
(c) TV, Cinema, Computer, smartphone etc. came into existence for unlimited enjoyment. 

Is there a difference? If yes, in which case more energy from external sources is consumed?

✅Answer: Yes. Now there are a lot of changes and development. In the present situation, more energy from external sources is consumed. 

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