Biology PowerPoint Presentations Class 12

Biology Presentations for Plus Two

Part-1 Botany

  1. Reproduction in organisms
  2. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
  3. Strategies for enhancement in food production
  4. Biotechnology: Principles & processes
  5. Biotechnology & its applications
  6. Organisms and populations
  7. Ecosystem
  8. Environmental issues

Part-2 Zoology

  1. Human Reproduction
  2. Reproductive health          
  3. Principles of inheritance and variation
  4. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  5. Evolution
  6. Human Health and Diseases
  7. Microbes in human welfare
  8. Biodiversity and Conservation

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  1. It's really amazing.i have no words to say. There is no need of reading NCERT as this ppts cover the complete ncert, in our scl our mam use this ppt for teaching. Thankyou for those amazing ppts😊

  2. yes, it is very useful and there is no need to read textbook. It is really a lot of help to teach students. Thankyou for the wonderful presentation

  3. This nots is very helpful for you

  4. There is complete NCERT in it which is very helpful for NEET students

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