Sources of Energy | Class 10 | Activity 14.3 with Solution

Sources of Energy | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 14.3

Take a table-tennis ball and make three slits into it.

Put semicircular ( ) fins cut out of a metal sheet into these slits.

Pivot the tennis ball on an axle through its centre with a straight metal wire fixed to a rigid support. Ensure that the tennis ball rotates freely about the axle.

Now connect a cycle dynamo to this.

Connect a bulb in series.

Direct a jet of water or steam produced in a pressure cooker at the fins (Fig. 14.2). What do you observe?

Fig. 14.2

✅Answer: The bulb glows.

This is the model of turbine for generating electricity. The simplest turbines have a moving part called a rotor-blade (fan). The moving fluid spin the blades and impart energy to the rotor. It turns the shaft of dynamo and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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