Sources of Energy | Class 10 | Activity 14.2 with Solution

Sources of Energy | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 14.2

Consider the various options we have when we choose a fuel for cooking our food.

✅Answer: Electricity, LPG, Firewood, Coal, solar cooker, etc.

What are the criteria you would consider when trying to categorise something as a good fuel?


  • State of fuel: Solid, liquid, gas.
  • Easy to handle: Electricity and LPG are easy to handle.
  • Economy: Low-cost fuels.
  • Pollution-free: Electricity, solar cooker, LPG etc. do not produce smoke.

Would your choice be different if you lived
(a) in a forest?
(b) in a remote mountain village or small island?
(c) in New Delhi?
(d) lived five centuries ago?

✅Answer: Yes. The choice will be different. 
  • (a) In a forest: Woods from the forest is easily available.
  • (b) In a remote mountain village or small island: Being solar energy is easily available we can use a solar cooker.
  • (c) New Delhi: In big cities, electricity and LPG connection are easily available.
  • (d) Lived five centuries ago: Five centuries ago, there was no fossil fuel, LPG or electricity. Firewood, cow dung cake etc. were used as fuel.
How are the factors different in each case?

  • Availability: E.g., In forests, only firewood is available. 
  • Easy to use and plolution-free: E.g., in homes, LPG is easy to use and does not produce smoke. 
  • Low-cost.
  • Efficiency.

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