Sources of Energy | Class 10 | Activity 14.5 with Solution

Sources of Energy | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 14.5

Take two conical flasks and paint one white and the other black. Fill both with water.

Place the conical flasks in direct sunlight for half an hour to one hour.

Touch the conical flasks. Which one is hotter? You could also measure the temperature of the water in the two conical flasks with a thermometer.

✅Answer: Black is hotter than white.

Can you think of ways in which this finding could be used in your daily life?

✅Answer: Solar cookers & solar water heaters use this property. A solar cooker is coated with black paint. It absorbs solar rays to heat the food.

Painting the home with white colour: It can reflect more light. So heat is reduced inside the home. 

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