Biodiversity and conservation: Previous Year Questions Part 1


2010 MARCH
1.     Gopalan cultivated a variety of fruit crops and plants in his field and Raman destroyed the fruit crops and plants and cultivated rubber trees which are double in number.

a.   In your opinion, which method is suitable for the ecosystem? Give reason. (1½)
b.   Mention any 3 factors for the extinction of species. (1½)
2010 SAY
1.     a) The “Evil Quartet” is the nickname used to describe the causes of biodiversity losses. Explain the reasons leading to accelerated rates of extinction of flora and fauna.
              b) Philosophically or spiritually, we need to realize that every plant or animal species have intrinsic value and we have a moral duty to protect them. Justify the statement and write down the protective measures. (3)
2011 MARCH
1.     The year 2010 has been declared as the International Biodiversity Year by United Nations (UN).
a.   Point out the levels of diversity in nature. (1)
b.   Give a brief description about “The Evil Quartet” (2)
2011 SAY
1.     Given are two unlabelled diagrams depicting invertebrate and vertebrate diversity. What do A and B stand for?     
2.     Some terms related to biodiversity conservation are given.
Biosphere reserves, National parks, Zoological parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, Cryopreservation of gametes, Seed banks, Botanical gardens, Sacred groves
a.   Arrange these terms under two suitable headings. (1)
b.   Compare the two methods of conservation and suggest how they are helpful in preventing the ‘Evil Quartet’. (1)
2012 MARCH
1.     The given graph shows the distribution of insects in different latitudes of earth.
a.   What is your observation? (½)
b.   List the three reasons for greater biodiversity in tropical regions. (1½)
c.    Write two causes of biodiversity losses. (1)


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