Biodiversity and conservation: Previous Year Questions Part 2


2012 SAY
1.     Last 20 years alone have witnessed the disappearance of 27 animal species from earth.
a.   Name an animal disappeared recently.  (½)
b.   What may be the causes for this loss? (1½)
c.    How can we conserve biodiversity? (1)
2013 MARCH
1.     Nature has as many varieties of plants which give drugs to abuse, as there are medicinal plants which give medicines. Substantiate with two examples. (2)
2.     “Conservation of biodiversity is a collective responsibility of all Nations.” Write a slogan stressing the significance of biodiversity conservation. (1)
2013 SAY
1.     While preparing the species area relationship graph of 4 areas, the following Z values are obtained.
Area A= 0.1
Area B= 0.8
Area C= 1.2
Area D= 0.3
a.   Which area shows maximum species richness? (1)
b.   What are the expected reasons for the loss of biodiversity in areas with low species richness? (2)
2014 MARCH
1.     “Nature provides all for the need of man but not for his greed.” (3)
a.   Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer.
b.   Distinguish b/w 2 types of biodiversity conservations. 
2014 SAY
1.     (a) Variety of species is present around us. What they constitute and comment. (1)
(b) Comment on in situ conservation and ex situ conservation. (1)
(c) In these aspects, explain biodiversity hotspots with example- give importance to recent issues with regard to Western Ghats. (1)
2015 MARCH
1.     We have a moral responsibility to take care of earth’s biodiversity and pass it on in good order to next generation.
a.   Define biodiversity. (1)
b.   Write causes for biodiversity losses. (1)
c.    Name two types of biodiversity conservation. (1)
2015 SAY
1.     Two approaches of conservation of biodiversity is shown as A and B.
a.   Identify the type of biodiversity conservation shown in A and B.
b.   Write the difference between the two types of biodiversity conservation shown in A and B.
c.    Which of the above approach is more desirable when there is an urgent need to save a species? (3)


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