Light-Reflection and Refraction | Class 10 | Activity 10.13 with Solution

Light-Reflection and Refraction | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 10.13

Take a concave lens. Place it on a lens stand.

Place a burning candle on one side of the lens.

Look through the lens from the other side and observe the image. Try to get the image on a screen, if possible. If not, observe the image directly through the lens.

✅ Answer: Image will not be obtained on a screen but can be observed through the lens.

Note down the nature, relative size and approximate position of the image.

Move the candle away from the lens. Note the change in the size of the image. What happens to the size of the image when the candle is placed too far away from the lens?

✅ Answer: The image becomes highly diminished.

Nature, position and relative size of the image formed by a concave lens for various positions of the object

Position of the object

Position of
the image

Relative size of the image

Nature of
the image

At infinity

At F1

Highly diminished,

Virtual and erect

b/w infinity & O

b/w F1 & O


Virtual and erect


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