Light-Reflection and Refraction | Class 10 | Activity 10.2 with Solution

Light-Reflection and Refraction | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 10.2

CAUTION: Do not look at the Sun directly or even into a mirror reflecting sunlight. It may damage your eyes.

Hold a concave mirror in your hand and direct its reflecting surface towards the Sun.

Direct the light reflected by the mirror on to a sheet of paper held close to the mirror.

Move the sheet of paper back and forth gradually until you find on the paper sheet a bright, sharp spot of light.

Hold the mirror and the paper in the same position for a few minutes. What do you observe? Why?

✅ Answer: The paper burns and catches fire. This is because the light from the Sun is converged (concentrated) at a point of paper as a bright spot (image of the Sun). This point is the focus of the concave mirror. It produces heat and ignites the paper. 
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