Acids, Bases and Salts | Class 10 | Activity 2.3 with Solution

Activity 2.3  

CAUTION: This activity needs the teacher’s assistance.
  • Set the apparatus as shown in Fig. 2.1.
  • Take about 5 mL of dilute sulphuric acid in a test tube and add a few pieces of zinc granules to it.
  • What do you observe on the surface of zinc granules?
✅ Answer: Hydrogen gas bubbles are formed on the surface of zinc granules.
  • Pass the gas being evolved through the soap solution.
  • Why are bubbles formed in the soap solution?
✅ Answer: Soap bubbles filled with hydrogen are formed.
  • Take a burning candle near a gas-filled bubble.
  • What do you observe?
✅ Answer: Hydrogen burns with a pop sound.
  • Repeat this Activity with some more acids like HCl, HNO3 and CH3COOH.
  • Are the observations in all the cases the same or different?
✅ Answer: Bubbles come out vigorously with strong acids. Zinc also reacts with weak acids like acetic acid, but gas is formed slowly.


  1. Observation with HNO3 will be different as it releases NO2 upon reaction...

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