Thursday, April 29, 2021

Acids, Bases and Salts | Class 10 | Activity 2.2 with Solution

Activity 2.2
  • Take some finely chopped onions in a plastic bag along with some strips of clean cloth. Tie up the bag tightly and leave overnight in the fridge. The cloth strips can now be used to test for acids and bases.
  • Take two of these cloth strips and check their odour.
  • Keep them on a clean surface and put a few drops of dilute HCl solution on one strip and a few drops of dilute NaOH solution on the other. Rinse both cloth strips with water and again check their odour.
  • Note your observations.
  • Now take some dilute vanilla essence and clove oil and check their odour.
  • Take some dilute HCl solution in one test tube and dilute NaOH solution in another. Add a few drops of dilute vanilla essence to both test tubes and shake well. Check the odour once again and record changes in odour, if any.
  • Similarly, test the change in the odour of clove oil with dilute HCl and dilute NaOH solutions and record your observations.

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