Acids, Bases and Salts | Class 10 | Activity 2.8 with Solution

Activity 2.8  
  • Take solutions of glucose, alcohol, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, etc.
  • Fix two nails on a cork, and place the cork in a 100 mL beaker.
  • Connect the nails to the two terminals of a 6 volt battery through a bulb and a switch, as shown in Fig. 2.3.
  • Now pour some dilute HCl in the beaker and switch on the current.
  • Repeat with dilute sulphuric acid.
  • What do you observe?
✅ Answer:  In both cases, bulb glows. It means there is an electric current through the acidic solution by ions.

  • Repeat the experiment separately with glucose and alcohol solutions. What do you observe now?
✅ Answer: Bulb does not glow because glucose & alcohol solutions do not conduct electricity.
  • Does the bulb glow in all cases?
✅ Answer: No.
Fig. 2.3

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