Our Environment | Class 10 | Activity 15.6 with Solution

Our Environment | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 15.6

Use the library or internet to find out more about biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances.

✅ Answer: 

Some Biodegradable materials:
  • Human and animal excreta.
  • Plant products, wood, paper, food waste, leaves, grass clippings, natural products.
  • Remains from the dead bodies.
Some non-biodegradable wastes:
  • Plastic products like grocery bags, plastic bags, water bottles, etc.
  • Metals, metal cans, tins, metal scraps, etc.
  • Construction waste, rubber tires, man-made fibers like nylon etc.
  • Computer hardware like glass, CD's, DVD’s, cellphone, processed woods, cable wires, Styrofoam etc.
How long are various non-biodegradable substances expected to last in our environment?

✅ Answer: 

Non-biodegradable substances

Average time to break down

Glass bottle

500 years

Plastic bags

10-20 years

Plastic container

50-80 years

Plastic soda bottle

450 years

Nylon fabric

30-40 years

These days, new types of plastics which are said to be biodegradable are available. Find out more about such materials and whether they do or do not harm the environment.

✅ Answer: There are biodegradable plastics such as Polylactic acid, Polyhydroxyalkanoates, Polybutylene succinate, Starch blends, Cellulose-based plastics, Polyglycolic acid (PGA), Polycaprolactone (PCL) etc. (More details here: Biodegradable plastics).


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