Our Environment | Class 10 | Activity 15.2 with Solution

Our Environment | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 15.2

While creating an aquarium did you take care not to put an aquatic animal which would eat others? What would have happened otherwise?

✅ Answer: If we add predator fishes or animals to the aquarium, they will eat the other small fishes. Eventually, there will be only predator fishes. So, we should not mix predatory fishes with prey fishes.

Make groups and discuss how each of the above groups of organisms are dependent on each other.

✅ Answer: Small fishes eat phytoplankton and aquatic plants and check the overgrowth of the planktons and plants. Small fishes are eaten by predatory fishes. Large fishes eat small fishes. Thus a balance is maintained in the aquatic ecosystem.

Write the aquatic organisms in order of who eats whom and form a chain of at least three steps. 

✅ Answer: Aquatic plants → Small fishes  large fishes  larger fishes

Would you consider any one group of organisms to be of primary importance? Why or why not?

✅ Answer: In an aquatic ecosystem, all trophic levels are important for successive level. But producers are most important because they provide food to other trophic levels.

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