Metals and Non-metals | Class 10 | Activity 3.9 with solution

Metals and Non-metals | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 3.9 

CAUTION: The following activity needs the teacher’s assistance. It would be better if students wear eye protection.

Hold any of the samples taken above with a pair of tongs and try burning over a flame. Repeat with the other metal samples.

Collect the product if formed.

Let the products and the metal surface cool down.

Which metals burn easily?
  • ✅ Answer: Sodium.
What flame colour did you observe when the metal burnt?
  • ✅ Answer: Yellow.
How does the metal surface appear after burning?
  • ✅ Answer: Silver white.
Arrange the metals in the decreasing order of their reactivity towards oxygen.
  • ✅ Answer: Na > Mg > Al > Zn > Fe > Pb > Cu
Are the products soluble in water?
  • ✅ Answer: Sodium oxide is soluble in water. Other metal oxides are insoluble.

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