Metals and Non-metals | Class 10 | Activity 3.10 with solution

Metals and Non-metals | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 3.10 

CAUTION: The following activity needs the teacher’s assistance.

Collect the samples of the same metals as in Activity 3.9.

Put small pieces of the samples separately in beakers half-filled with cold water.

Which metals reacted with cold water? Arrange them in the increasing order of their reactivity with cold water.
  • ✅ Answer: Sodium, Potassium and Calcium react with cold water. Their increasing order of reactivity with cold water is Ca < K < Na.
Did any metal produce fire on water?
  • ✅ Answer: Yes, Sodium and Potassium.
Does any metal start floating after some time?
  • ✅ Answer: Yes. Calcium.
Put the metals that did not react with cold water in beakers half-filled with hot water.

For the metals that did not react with hot water, arrange the apparatus as shown in Figure and observe their reaction with steam.

Which metals did not react even with steam?
  • ✅ Answer: Copper, Lead, Silver and Gold do not react with water or steam at all.
Arrange the metals in the decreasing order of reactivity with water.
  • ✅ Answer: Na > K > Ca> Mg > Al > Fe

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