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Biological Classification | Previous Year Questions and Answers | 2015 to 2020


2020 MARCH

1. Observe the figure given below. Name the organism. (Score 1)


    ✔️Answer: Euglena


1. Which among the following is an example for flagellated protozoan? (Score 1)

    a. Amoeba 
    b. Paramoecium 
    c. Trypanosoma 
    d. Plasmodium

    ✔️Answer: (c) Trypanosoma

2019 MARCH

1. Observe the relationship between the first two terms and fill in the blank. (Score 1)

    a. Mushroom: Agaricus      Bread mould: .................

    ✔️Answer: Rhizopus


1. Which one of the following features are applicable to bacteriophages? (Score 1)

    a) They are bacterial viruses.
    b) They have double stranded DNA as genetic material.
    c) The protein coat is called capsid.

i. a) and b)
ii. b) and c)
iii. a) and c)
iv. All of these

    ✔️Answer: iv. All of these

2018 MARCH

1. Fill in the blank. (Score 1)

    In Anabaena, specialized cells called…………. help in nitrogen fixation.

    ✔️Answer: Heterocysts


1. Identify the kingdom based on the clues given below. (Score 1)

    a) Organisms are Eukaryotic.
    b) Their cell wall is made up of chitin.

    ✔️Answer: Fungi

2017 MARCH

1. Read the following statements and select the correct statements from the given choices. (Score 1)

    i) Methanogens are present in the guts of ruminant animals.
    ii) Mycoplasma has distinct cell wall.
    iii) Viroids are infectious naked DNA molecules.
    iv) Algal component of lichen is phycobiont.

a) (ii) and (iii) 
b) (i) and (iv)
c) (i) and (iii) 
d) (ii) and (iv)

    ✔️Answer: b) (i) and (iv)

2016 MARCH

1. The name ‘Virus’ that means venom or poisonous fluid was given by ................. (Score 1)

    a) Pasteur 
    b) Ivanowsky
    c) Beijerinck 
    d) Stanley (1)

    ✔️Answer: a) Pasteur


1. Observe the relationship between the first pair and fill in the blanks using appropriate terms. (Score 1) 

    Bacillus bacteria – Rod shaped
    Coccus bacteria – …………….

    ✔️Answer: Spherical

2015 MARCH

1. The class of fungi known as imperfect fungi is (Score 1)

    a) Ascomycetes
    b) Phycomycetes
    c) Deuteromycetes
    d) Basidiomycetes

    ✔️Answer: c) Deuteromycetes

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