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Biological Classification | Previous Year Questions


2010 March

1. By observing the relationship of the first pair, fill in the blanks in second one.
a. Ascomycetes: Saccharomyces and penicillium

Basidiomycetes: ………. and ……………… (1)

2010 September 

1. Observe the relationship between the words of the first sentence and fill the second one (1)

Archaebacteria growing in salty areas – Halophiles

Archaebacteria growing in hot springs - ---------------

Association of fungus with algae – Lichens

Association of fungus with roots of plants - ---------------

2011 March 

1. Fill up the second party by observing the relationship of the first party. (1)

a. Monera – Prokaryote Protista – ……………..

b. Bacteria live in extreme salty areas – halophiles

c. Bacteria live in marshy areas – ...…………..

2011 October (Improvement) 

1. Fill in the blanks.

a. Fusion of protoplasm is called plasmogamy. Fusion of 2 nuclei is called …………. (½)

b. Nuclear membrane is present in Plantae. Nuclear membrane is absent in ……….. (½)

2012 March 

1. ‘Diatoms, the chief producers in the oceans, are useful to us even after their death’. Evaluate the statement. (1)

2012 September (Improvement) 

1. Based on the relationship fill in the blanks (1/2)

a. Euglena: Protista Mycoplasma: -----------

2. Suggest the correct scientific term for the following: (1/2)

a. Algal partner in lichens

2013 September-October (Improvement) 

1. Observe the relationship between the first pair and fill up the blanks using appropriate terms:

a. Carolus Linnaeus – Two kingdom classification     R.H Whittaker – …………

b. Thermoacidophiles – Extreme heat     Halophiles – ………… (1)

2014 March 

1. Identify the statement which is applicable to cyanobacteria. (1)

a. Important decomposers

b. Form blooms in polluted water

c. Presence of prominent nucleus

d. Completely lack of a cell wall

2014 August (Improvement) 

1. Name one word of the following: (1)

a. Symbiotic association of algae and fungi.

b. Viruses that attack bacteria.

2. The symbiotic association of fungi with roots of higher plants is called mycorrhizae. How is mycorrhizal association helpful to plants? (2)

2015 March 

1. The class of fungi known as imperfect fungi is (1)

a) Ascomycetes b) Phycomycetes c) Deuteromycetes d) Basidiomycetes

2015 September (Improvement) 

1. Observe the relationship between the first pair and fill in the blanks using appropriate terms. (1)

Bacillus bacteria – Rod shaped         Coccus bacteria – …………….

March 2016 

1. The name ‘Virus’ that means venom or poisonous fluid was given by .................

a) Pasteur 
b) Ivanowsky
c) Beijerinck 
d) Stanley (1)

March 2017 

1. Read the following statements and select the correct statements from the given choices.

i) Methanogens are present in the guts of ruminant animals.

ii) Mycoplasma has distinct cell wall.

iii) Viroids are infectious naked DNA molecules.

iv) Algal component of lichen is phycobiont.

a) (ii) and (iii) b) (i) and (iv)

c) (i) and (iii) d) (ii) and (iv) (1)

2017 July (Improvement) 

1. Identify the kingdom based on the clues given below.

a) Organisms are Eukaryotic.

b) Their cell wall is made up of chitin.

2018 March

1. Fill in the blank.

In Anabaena, specialized cells called…………. help in nitrogen fixation.

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