2019 June (SAY) | HSE +2 Exam | Botany Question Paper

2019 June (SAY)

(Maximum: 30 Scores)

Answer all the questions from 1 to 3. Each carries 1 Score.

1.  Choose the correct answer.

A parthenocarpic fruit is:

a.     Banana

b.     Apple

c.     Strawberry

d.     Guava

2.   Expand CNG.

3.   Observe the relationship between the first two terms and fill in the blank.

Funicle: Stalk of the ovule.

...................: Protective envelopes of the ovule.  

Answer any 9 questions from 4 to 14. Each carries 2 score. (9 x 2 = 18)

4.   Restriction endonuclease recognises a specific sequence in the DNA. Name that sequence and write its peculiarity.

5.   Decomposition takes place through different steps. The first step is fragmentation. Write the other four steps.

6.   Alpha-I antitrypsin and alpha-lactalbumin are two biological products produced from transgenic animals. Write the uses of these two products.

7.   Water bodies around us are getting polluted due to various reasons. Write any four consequences of water pollution.

8.   Match the items of column A with B:



(a) Cloning Vector

(b) Separation of DNA fragments

(c) PCR

(d) Converts raw materials into specific products

(i) Bioreactor

(ii) Taq polymerase

(iii) Electrophoresis

(iv) Hind 11

(v) pBR322

9.   Observe the flowchart showing the stages of a kind of succession. Identify and write the kind of succession. Fill in the blanks a, b, c.

10. Differentiate natality and mortality. Write the alphabets used to indicate natality and mortality.

11. Some organisms develop through parthenogenesis. Define this phenomenon and give an example.

12. Name the interaction between sea anemone and clown fish. Justify your answer with suitable explanation.

13. Bt cotton is an insect resistant plant that contains gene from a bacterium. Name that bacterium and gene.

14. Observe the figure given below:

Name the nutrient cycle and fill in the blank (a), (b).

Answer any 3 questions from 15 to 18. Each carries 3 score. (3 x 3 = 9)

15. Explant and totipotency are two terms related to tissue culture.

a.  Define these two terms.

b.  What is a somaclone?

16. Wind pollination is common in grasses. Write any three floral features in grasses that help in wind pollination.

17. Observe the figure showing the relative contribution of various greenhouse gases to global warming.

a.     Identify A, B.

b.     Write any two consequences of global warming.

18. Write any three parts of a monocot embryo and write one peculiarity of each of these three parts.


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