2019 June (SAY) | HSE +2 Exam | Botany - Answers


1. (a) Banana.

2. Compressed Natural Gas.

3. Integuments.

4. Palindromic nucleotide sequence.

Peculiarity: It is a sequence of base pairs that read the same on the two strands in 5' → 3' direction and in 3' → 5' direction.

5. Leaching, Catabolism, Humification, Mineralization.

6. Use of Alpha-I antitrypsin: To treat emphysema.

Use of alpha-lactalbumin: Nutritionally more balanced product for human babies than natural cow-milk.

7. BOD of water increases.
    Algal bloom.
    Water borne diseases.




(a) Cloning Vector

(b) Separation of DNA fragments

(c) PCR

(d) Converts raw materials into specific products

(v) pBR322

(iii) Electrophoresis

(ii) Taq polymerase

(i) Bioreactor

9. Hydrarch (Water succession).
(a) Submerged plant stage.
(b) Reed-swamp stage.
(c) Marsh-meadow stage.

10. Natality: It is the number of births in a population during a given period.
      Mortality: It is the number of deaths in a population during a given period.
      Natality is indicated by the letter B.
      Mortality is indicated by the letter D.

11. Parthenogenesis is the development of unfertilized egg into a new organism. E.g. Honeybees, some lizards, Turkey etc.

12. Name the interaction: Commensalism.

Clown fish protection from predators because predators stay away from the stinging tentacles of sea anemone. But sea anemone does not get any benefit from clown fish.

13. Name of bacterium: Bacillus thuringiensis.
      Name of gene: Cry gene.

14. Name of the cycle: Phosphorous cycle.
      (a) Producers (Plants)
      (b) Detritus

15. (a) Explant: Any part of a plant taken out and grown in a nutrient medium.
      Totipotency: Capacity to generate a whole plant from a cell or explant.
      (b) Somaclone: Genetically identical offspring developed through tissue culture.

16. Pollen grains are light and non-sticky.
      Well exposed stamens.
      Large and feathery stigma.

17. (a) A= Methane B= CO2
      (b) Odd climatic change.
            Melting of polar ice and rise in sea level.

18. Scutellum: Single cotyledon.
      Radicle: Lower end of the embryonal axis.
      Coleorhiza: Sheath that encloses radicle.
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