2018 JULY Improvement | HSE +1 Exam | Zoology Question Paper

2018 JULY Improvement (+1) 

Answer all questions from question numbers 1 to 3. Each carry 1 score. (3 X 1 = 3)

1. Which among the following represents the CORRECT sequence?

a) Kingdom ← Phylum ← Class ← Family ← Order ← Genus ← Species.
b) Phylum ← Class ← Kingdom ← Order ← Family ← Species ← Genus
c) Kingdom ← Phylum ← Class ← Order ← Family ← Genus ← Species
d) Kingdom ← Phylum ← Class ← Family ← Genus ← Order ← Species

2. Plasma without clotting factor is called ..........

3. Note the relation in the first pair and then complete the second pair.

Fasciola: Liver fluke
Taenia: .......? ......

Answer any 9 questions from question numbers 4 to 14. Each carries 2 scores. (9 X 2 = 18)

4. Expand the following hormones:

a) TSH
c) ANF
d) FSH

5. Observe the diagrams given below:

a. Identify the tissue A and B.
b. Name the specialized cells present in A and B.

6. Give one word for the following.

a) Presence of 2 sets of teeth in the life time.
b) Teeth are present in socket of Jaw bone.

7. Classify the following terms under two suitable headings.

Neutrophils, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Lymphocytes. 

8. Find the odd one out. Justify your answer.

Saw fish, Jelly fish, Flying fish, Angel fish, Dog fish. 

9. a) Identify the graph given below:

b) List the factors responsible for the formation and dissociation of oxyhaemoglobin.

10. Some conditions related to kidney disease are given.
  • Accumulation of urea in blood.
  • Malfunction of kidney.
a. Name the condition.
b. In your opinion, suggest the treatments for kidney failure and acute kidney failure.

11. Identify the disorders based on the symptoms given below.

a. Inflammation of joints.
b. Decreased bone mass and increased chance of fracture.
c. Inflammation of joints due to the accumulation of uric acid crystals.
d. Rapid spasms in muscles due to low Ca++ in body fluids.

12. Name of certain animals are given below. Write the phylum of each animal.

a. Pila
b. Pleurobrachia
c. Nereis
d. Balanoglossus

13. Select the WRONG statement regarding muscles from those given below and correct it.

a. Each muscle fibre is lined by the plasma membrane called sarcolemma.
b. The light bands are called ‘A’ band or Anisotropic band.
c. The portion of the myofibril between two successive ‘Z’ lines is called a sarcomere.
d. Muscle contains a red coloured oxygen storing pigment is called myoglobin.

14. a) Among the following body parts squamous epithelium is found in ...........

i. the ducts of glands and tubular parts of nephron.
ii. the lining of stomach and intestine.
iii. the inner walls of blood vessels and air sacs of lungs.
iv. the inner surface of bronchioles and fallopian tubes.

     b) Write any one function of compound epithelium.

Answer any 3 questions from question numbers 15 to 18. Each carries 3 scores. (3 X 3 = 9)

15. Observe the graph given below:

a. Identify the graph.
b. Mention the role of enzyme in this process.

16. Complete the flow chart given below:

17. Observe the diagram showing the characteristics of a phylum. 

a. Identify the phylum.
b. Name the part labelled ‘A’.
c. Point out the three fundamental characters of the phylum.

18. Complete the table given below by using appropriate terms.






....... (a) .......

....... (b) .......



Pineal gland

....... (c) .......

24-hr diurnal rhythm

Pituitary gland


....... (d) .......

....... (e) .......

Parathyroid hormone

Increases Ca2+ level in blood


TCT/ thyrocalcitonin

....... (f) .......

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