2018 JULY Improvement | HSE +1 Exam | Zoology - Answers

 2018 JULY Improvement (+1)

1.   (c) Kingdom ← Phylum ← Class ← Order ← Family ← Genus ← Species

2.   Serum

3.   Tapeworm.

4.   a)  TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone          

b)  ACTH: Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone.

c)  ANF: Atrial Natriuretic factor.

d)  FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone.

5.   (a) A- Cartilage, B- Bone

(b) A- Chondrocytes, B- Osteocytes.

6.   (a) Diphyodont

(b) Thecodont.

7.   Granulocytes: Neutrophils, Eosinophils.

Agranulocytes: Monocytes, Lymphocytes.

8.   Jelly fish. It is a cnidarian (not fish). Others are fishes.

9.   a) Oxygen-Hb dissociation curve.

b) PO2, PCO2, H+ concentration, Temperature.

10. a) Ureamia.

b) For kidney failure: Haemodialysis.

For acute kidney failure: Kidney transplantation.

11. a) Arthritis

b) Osteoporosis

c) Gout

d) Tetany

12. a) Mollusca

b) Ctenophora

c) Annelida

d) Hemichordata

13. b. The light bands are called ‘A’ band or Anisotropic band.

Correction: The light bands are called ‘I’ band or Isotropic band.

14. a) iii. The inner walls of blood vessels and air sacs of lungs.

b)  Protection.

15. a) Concept of activation energy.

b) Enzymes lower the activation energy and thereby increases the speed of chemical reactions.

16. a) Spinal cord

b) Mid brain

c) Corpora quadrigemina

d) Thalamus

e) Pons

f) Medulla oblongata

17. a) Chordata

b) Nerve cord

c) Presence of notochord.

Presence of pharyngeal gill slits.

Presence of post anal tail.

18. (a) Increases blood glucose level.

(b) Thymus

(c) Melatonin

(d) Contraction of smooth muscles

(e) Parathyroid

(f) Decreases Ca2+ level in blood

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