2016 March | HSE +1 Exam | Botany Question Paper

2016 MARCH (+1) 

1. The name ‘Virus’ that means venom or poisonous fluid was given by ................. (1)

a) Pasteur 
b) Ivanowsky 
c) Beijerinck 
d) Stanley 

2. The reaction center of photosystems in green plants during light reaction is ................ (1)

a) Xanthophyll 
b) Carotenoids 
c) Chlorophyll b 
d) Chlorophyll a 

3. Write any two distinguishing features of the algal class Rhodophyceae. (2)


    Distinguish between mycorrhiza & coralloid roots. (2)

4. How can you differentiate active transport from facilitated diffusion? (2)

5. The plants show deficiency symptoms when the concentration of an essential element is below the critical concentration. Write any four deficiency symptoms shown by plants. (2)

6. “Respiration is an amphibolic pathway.” Evaluate the statement. (2)

7. Fermentation is the incomplete oxidation of pyruvic acid. Find the difference between two types of fermentations in microorganisms. (2)

8. a) Identify the odd one from the given list of plant growth regulators.

i) ABB      ii) NAA      iii) IAA      iv) IBA 

    b) List some physiological responses of gibberellins in plants. (3)

9. a) Name the special type of leaf anatomy shown by C4 plants.
    b) Illustrate the major advantages of C4 plants over C3 plants. (3)

10. a) identify the substages of meiosis in which crossing over is occurring.

i) Leptotene      ii) Zygotene      iii) Pachytene      iv) Diplotene 

     b) Summarize the significance of meiosis in sexually reproducing organisms. (3)

11. Observe the given floral diagram

a) Identify the family. 
b) Write any four floral characters of the identified family. (3)

12. Observe the given diagram. Analyze this diagram and explain the structure of plasma membrane. (3)

13. How does periderm develop in dicot stem and replace the outer broken cortical and epidermal layers? (3)


In dicot stem, both intrafascicular and interfascicular cambium form a ring of vascular cambium. Explain the activity of this cambial ring. (3)
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