Sexual reproduction in flowering plants: Previous Year Questions Part 2


2013 MARCH
1.     After syngamy and triple fusion in embryo sac, embryo will be diploid and endosperm will (1)

2.     i) Flowering plants evolved an array of adaptations to achieve pollination.
a.     Explain pollination.
b.     Point out adaptations found in flowers for insect pollination and wind pollination.
c.     Illustrate pollination in Vallisnaria.
ii) Artificial hybridization is one of the major approaches for crop improvement programme. In such crosses it is important to avoid unwanted pollen.
a.     Explain how we can protect stigma from unwanted pollen.
b.     How artificial pollination can be performed? (4)
2013 SAY
1.     The diagrammatic view of a typical anatropous ovule is shown below. Copy the diagram and label the unlabeled parts. (2)
2.     (a)  In flowering plants, double fertilization occurs during reproduction. One of the events of double fertilization is triple fusion. Name the other event. (1)
2014 MARCH
1.     In flowering plants during double fertilization two events take place in the embryo sac namely --------- and ------------ (1)
2.     Sunflower is pollinated by insects while rice is pollinated by wind.
a.     How these plants are adapted to their respective type of pollination method? (Hint – any 4 points) (4)
b.     Plants can be self or cross pollinated. What any two mechanisms existing in nature to promote cross pollination. (1)
a.     The diagram given below shows the transverse section of a young anther. Identify the parts a, b, c and d. (2)
b.     The developmental stages of male gametes in plants consist of microsporogenesis and male gametophyte. Arrange the following terms in their correct developmental sequence. (3)
Pollen grain
Sporogenous tissue
Microspore tetrad
Pollen mother cell
Male gamete
2014 SAY
1.     Egg cell formation in angiosperms involves megasporogenesis and female gametophyte development.
a.     Briefly write the various steps involved in female gametophyte development.
b.     Mature angiosperm embryo sac at maturity, though 8 nucleated is 7 celled.
What is your explanation related to this statement? Explain. (3+1=4)


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