Reproductive health: Previous Year Questions Part 1


2010 MARCH
1.     Diagram shown below is a surgical method used for female sterilization.   
a.   What is the method shown in diagram? (1)
b.   Mention any 2 intra uterine devices to prevent conception. (1)
c.    What is the surgical method of male sterilization called? (1)
2010 SAY
1.     The total population in India alarmingly increased to 1 billion according to 2001 census. The population growth rate was still around 1.7 %, a rate at which our population could double in 33 years.                           
Cite the probable reasons for such an increase in population growth rate. (2)
2.     Select the Assisted Reproductive Technique that uses an early embryo with up to 8 blastomeres. (1)
a.  ZIFT          b.  IUT                    c.   GIFT                d.  IUI
2011 MARCH
1.     One among the contraceptive method is peculiar. Find the odd one. What is common among others? (1)
a.  Periodic abstinence               b.  Coitus interruptus 
c.  Lactational amenorrhea        d.  IUDs
2.     The treatment facility advertised on the brochure of a private clinic is shown below.     
IVF                 ZIFT                        GIFT                       IUI
a.   Can you suggest what type of a clinic it is? (½)
b.   Make a brief note on any three of the treatment procedure. (1½)
2011 SAY
1.     Note the relationship between first two terms and suggest a suitable term for the fourth place. (½)           
a.   GIFT : Gamete                     ZIFT : …………………
2.     Nalini is four months pregnant. At the insistence of her mother-in-law, she underwent an illegal diagnostic procedure by which the sex of the baby was determined to be female. Nalini’s mother-in-law cursed her for conceiving a girl-child.
a.   What is the diagnostic procedure used here? (1)
b.   “Scientifically, Nalini is not responsible for conceiving a girl-child.” How will you substantiate this statement? (1)
2012 MARCH
1.     “STDs present a major health concern in both industrialized and developing countries.”
a.   What do you mean by STDs? (1)
b.   Name two STDs. (1)
c.    Suggest two preventive measures. (1)
2012 SAY
1.     Find out the odd one from the following. Write the reason. (1)
a.   Cu T                       b.   Cu 7                                
c.   LNG-20                  d.   Multiload- 375
2.     One couple came to know that they have a girl child during 4th month of pregnancy and they decide to do MTP.
a.   What is MTP? (½)
b.   At which stage of pregnancy is MTP relatively safe? (½)
c.    How will you respond to the decision of female foeticide by the couple? (1)
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