Biotechnology and its Applications: Previous Year Questions Part 2


2013 MARCH
1.     A novel strategy to prevent nematode manifestation is based on ‘RNA interference’.

a.     Explain RNA interference.
b.     Can you suggest how it can be used for producing nematode resistant plant? (2)
2.      Sophic was born with a genetic disorder – ADA deficiency.
a.     What is ADA deficiency?
b.     Can you suggest methods to treat this ADA deficiency? (2)
2013 SAY
1.     Jaya read in a Biotechnology book that alien DNA can be introduced into host cell by microinjection and biolistics. Explain these methods. (2)
2.     Genetic engineering includes creation of recombinant DNA with the help of restriction enzymes.
a.     Explain recombinant DNA technology.
b.     What are restriction enzymes? Name a restriction enzyme. (2)
2014 MARCH
1.     Bt Cotton is regarded as an important achievement of genetic engineering. What does Bt stands for? (1)
2.     Animals that had their DNA manipulated to possess and express foreign DNA are called transgenic animals. Write briefly any three benefits of such transgenic animals to human beings. (3)
2014 SAY
1.     Pharmaceutical companies are producing large quantities of human insulin by genetic engineering. Briefly explain the process. (2)
2.     In the 2012 Children’s Science Congress, one of the speaker summarized like this- If we are not vigilant, countries or individuals encash our resources as their right. Explain this with an example. (2)
2015 MARCH
1.     Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is always a debatable topic among scientists, academicians and public. State any four usefulness of GMOs.   (Scores : ½ X 4 = 2)
2.     Biotechnology in agriculture will lead to pest resistant plants, which could decrease the amount of pesticides used. For example Bt cotton. Expand the letter ‘B‘ and ‘t’.                                                                                     (Score: ½ + ½ = 1)
3.     In 1997, an American company got patent rights on Basmati rice through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Variety of Basmati had actually been derived from Indian farmer's varieties. If so, what is Biopiracy? (Score: 1)
2015 SAY
1.     A multinational company successfully cloned a gene of interest and also optimized the conditions to induce the expression of target protein.
a.     Name the apparatus for large scale production of such proteins.                       (Score: ½)
b.     Briefly explain the apparatus.    (Score: 1½)
2.     A farmer approached an Agriculture officer to tell his grievance i.e., reduction in tobacco yield due to root damage by nematodes.
a.     What is your suggestion to prevent this infestation?                                             (Score: ½)
b.     Briefly explain the process.        (Score: 1½)
3.     One of the speakers in the National Children’s Science Congress delivered a talk about Transgenic animals. Explore any 2 benefits of transgenic animals.(Scores: 2)


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