Biotechnology and its Applications: Previous Year Questions Part 1


2010 MARCH
1.     Teacher asked Balan to write the principle of RNAi technology. Help him by describing the method. (1)

2010 SAY
1.     Bt. Cotton is a well-known example of application of Biotechnology in Agriculture. Bt. Cotton reduces use of pesticides. Explain. (2)
2.     Adenosine deaminase (ADA) deficiency is a hereditary disease, where ADA, which is crucial for functioning of immune system, is absent. Explain how ADA deficiency can be treated. (2)
2011 MARCH
1.     Bt toxin is produced by Bacillus thuringiensis that can kill certain insects.
a.   Name the bacterial gene that is producing this toxin.
b.   Why the toxin produced by the bacterium is non-toxic to it?        (2)
2.     Raju is a diabetic patient who takes insulin injections regularly. The insulin used by such patients is produced by genetically engineered organisms. Write different steps involved in the production of insulin by genetic engineering. (3)
2011 SAY
1.     (a)  Observe the relation in the first pair and fill up the blank in the second. (1)
Cry I Ac: Control cotton bollworm                     …………..: Control corn borer
(b)  Expand the common short forms used in biotechnology. (3)
        i) GEAC                 ii)  GMO                
iii)  PCR                 iv)  ELISA                                             
Bt toxins are not toxic to Bacillus and Bt cotton plant but toxic to insects. Explain. (4)
2012 MARCH
1.     In human beings, certain diseases are caused due to genetic disorders.
a.     Name the method that allows the correction of a gene defect that has been diagnosed in a child or embryo.
b.     How this method has been used for treating ADA (Adenosine deaminase) deficiency? (2)
2.     Infection by nematodes causes threat to cultivation and yield loss of tobacco plants. A strategy has been developed at RNA level to control this infestation.
a.     Name the process.
b.     Explain how this process works at the molecular level. (2)
2012 SAY
1.     Using genetically modified crops, farmers can minimize use of insecticides and pesticides during cultivation.
a.     Give name of one such genetically modified pest resistant crop.
b.     Which gene is used for its production?
c.     Name the source of pest resistant gene.
d.     Write about its mode of action.  (2)
2.     Nita found that her Grandma used to inject human insulin that is genetically engineered. She wants to know how such insulin can be produced. Give her an idea about structure of insulin and production of genetically engineered insulin. (2)


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