Biodiversity and conservation: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016   MARCH
1.     Observe the concept diagram of the Evil Quartet of biodiversity loss.
a.     Write A and B.             
b.     What is co-extinction?                (Scores: 2)
1.     Read the statements and choose the correct option:
        i.       Sacred grooves are examples of in situ conservation
       ii.      Biodiversity hotspots have low degree of endemism.
      iii.       Biodiversity increases when number of organisms in a particular species increases.
a.     Statement A alone is correct.
b.     Statements A and B are correct.
c.     Statements A and C are correct.
d.     Statement C alone is correct.    (Score: 1)
2016 SAY
1.     a) “When we conserve and protect the whole ecosystem, its biodiversity at all levels is protected.” Based on this statement explain the strategies of biodiversity conservation. (Scores 3)
b) “When need turns to greed, it leads to biodiversity loss.” Substantiate this statement by explaining two causes of biodiversity loss. (Scores 3)
2017 MARCH
1.     Z-values of a frugivorous bat species are given below. Which value is not applicable to continents?         (Score: 1)
(1) 0.6              (2) 0.65                (3) 0.2                    (4) 0.68 
2.     Distinguish in situ conservation from ex situ conservation with one example each.                        (Scores: 2)
2018 MARCH
1.     Observe the graph and answer the following questions:
       (a) Name S, A, Z and C in the graph.
(b) Name the scientists who explained Species-Area relationship.

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