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Q 1: The definition of Reproductive health as a total well-being in all aspects of reproduction is given by

✅ World Health Organisation (WHO)

Q 2: In 1951, India initiated reproductive health programmes called

✅ Family Planning

Q 3: Wider reproduction-related areas are in operation under

✅ Reproductive & Child Health Care (RCH) programmes


Q 4: According to the 2011 census report, our population growth rate was less than

✅ 2%

Q 5: MMR stands for

✅ Maternal Mortality Rate

Q 6: IMR stands for

✅ Infant Mortality Rate

Q 7: Odd one out:

Periodic abstinence, Coitus interruptus, Lippes loop, Lactational amenorrhea.

✅ Lippes loop

Q 8: A natural contraceptive method in which coitus is avoided from day 10 to 17 (fertile period) of menstrual cycle to prevent conception is called

✅ Periodic abstinence

Q 9: A natural contraceptive method of withdrawal of penis from the vagina just before ejaculation to avoid insemination is

✅ Coitus interruptus (withdrawal)

Q 10: The absence of menstrual cycle and ovulation due to intense lactation after parturition is called

✅ Lactational amenorrhea

Q 11: Lactational amenorrhea is effective up to ……… following parturition.

✅ 6 months

Q 12: ………… are a type of contraceptive method that prevent physical meeting of sperm & ovum.

✅ Barriers

Q 13: A barrier method made of rubber or latex and can be used by male to cover the penis is

✅ Condoms

Q 14: ………. is a popular brand of condom for the male.

✅ Nirodh

Q 15: Condoms for female is used to cover the vagina and ……………..

✅ Cervix

Q 16: Use of condoms has increased in recent years due to its additional benefit of protecting the user from

✅ STIs and AIDS

Q 17: Which of the following is not come under barrier?

Multiload 375, Diaphragms, Cervical caps, Vaults

✅ Multiload 375

Q 18: ……….. creams, jellies & foams are used along with the barriers to increase contraceptive efficiency.

✅ Spermicidal

Q 19: The contraceptive devices which are inserted by doctors or nurses in the uterus through vagina is called

✅ Intra Uterine Devices (IUDs)

Q 20: …………… are ideal method to delay pregnancy or space children.

✅ IUDs

Q 21: An example for non-medicated IUDs is

✅ Lippes loop

Q 22: CuT, Cu7 and ……………... are copper releasing IUDs that can release Cu ions to suppress motility and fertilising capacity of sperms.

✅ Multiload 375

Q 23: Progestasert, LNG-20 are two examples for

✅ Hormone releasing IUDs

Q 24: Which type of IUDs make the uterus unsuitable for implantation and the cervix hostile to the sperms?

✅ Hormone releasing IUDs

Q 25: Oral contraceptive of ……………… is a contraceptive method used by the females.

✅ Progestogens or progestogen–estrogen combinations

Q 26: ……….. is the new oral contraceptive for the females that contains a non-steroidal preparation.

✅ Saheli

Q 27: Saheli is developed by ………….

✅ Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI, Lucknow)

Q 28: Which oral contraceptive is known as ‘once a week’ pill?

✅ Saheli

Q 29: ……………. combination are used by females as injections or implants under skin.

✅ Progestogens or Progestogens-oestrogen

Q 30: Progestogens or progestogen-oestrogen combinations & IUDs are used as ……………… within 72 hours of coitus.

✅ Emergency contraceptives

Q 31: Which contraceptive method is very effective but have very poor reversibility?

✅ Surgical methods (sterilization)

Q 32: Sterilization procedure in males is called

✅ Vasectomy

Q 33: In vasectomy, a small part of the …………. is removed or tied up through a small incision on the scrotum.

✅ Vas deferens

Q 34: Sterilization procedure in females is called

✅ Tubectomy

Q 35: In Tubectomy, a small part of the ………… is removed or tied up through a small incision in abdomen or through vagina.

✅ Fallopian tube


Q 36: Intentional or voluntary termination of pregnancy before full term is called ..........

✅ MTP or induced abortion

Q 37: MTP stands for

✅ Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Q 38: Government of India legalised MTP in 1971 with some strict conditions to check illegal ...........

✅ Female foeticides

Q 39: MTPs are safe during the .........

✅ First trimester

Q 40: Name the test which is misused for foetal sex determination.

✅ Amniocentesis

Q 41: ………. is a test in which some amniotic fluid of the foetus is taken to analyse the foetal cells & dissolved substances for finding the presence of genetic disorders, survivability of the foetus etc.

✅ Amniocentesis


Q 42: Full form of STD is

✅ Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Q 43: STDs are also known as

✅ Venereal diseases (VD) or Reproductive tract infections (RTI)

Q 44: Which of the following is not STD?

Gonorrhoea, Typhoid, syphilis, genital herpes, chlamydiasis.

✅ Typhoid

Q 45: Which disease is transmitted through the same means of transmission as HIV?

✅ Hepatitis-B

Q 46: Except hepatitis-B, genital herpes & ………. other diseases are completely curable if detected early and treated properly.


Q 47: PID stands for

✅ Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases

Q 48: STDs are very high among persons in the age group of

✅ 15-24 years


Q 49: The inability to conceive or produce children even after 2 years of unprotected sexual cohabitation is called

✅ Infertility

Q 50: The technologies used to correct the infertility problems are called

✅ Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Q 51: Ova from the wife/donor and sperms from the husband/donor are collected and are induced to form zygote under simulated conditions in the laboratory. This method is called

In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

Q 52: IVF is popularly known as

✅ Test tube baby programme

Q 53: ZIFT and ………. are two types of Embryo Transfer.


Q 54: Transfer of zygote or early embryo (with up to 8 blastomeres) into fallopian tube is called .........

✅ Zygote Intra Fallopian Transfer (ZIFT)

Q 55: Transfer of embryo with more than 8 blastomeres into the uterus is called ..........

✅ Intra Uterine Transfer (IUT)

Q 56: Embryo formed by …………. (fertilisation within the female) is also used for embryo transfer to assist the females who cannot conceive.

in vivo fertilisation

Q 57: ………….. is a type ART in which an ovum from a donor is transferred into the fallopian tube of another female who cannot produce ovum, but can provide suitable environment for fertilization & development.

✅ Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)

Q 58: A laboratory procedure in which a sperm from male partner is injected directly into an egg from female partner is known as

✅ Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Q 59: The technique in which semen collected from husband or a donor is artificially introduced into the vagina or the uterus of the female is called

✅ Artificial insemination (AI)

Q 60: Artificial insemination into the uterus is known as

✅ Intra-uterine insemination (IUI)

Q 61: Name the technique useful for the male partner having inability to inseminate female or low sperm counts.

✅ Artificial insemination (AI)

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