Strategies for enhancement in food production | Basic Level Test | Topic 2: Plant breeding, SCP, Tissue culture

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Topic 2: Plant breeding, SCP, Tissue culture

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The development and flourishing in the field of agriculture is known as


The entire collection of plants/seeds having all the alleles for all genes in a given crop is called .............. collection.


Sonalika & Kalyan Sona are high yielding and disease resistant .............. varieties introduced in India.


In bhindi (Abelmoschus esculentus), resistance to yellow mosaic virus was transferred from a wild species. It resulted in a new variety of A. esculentus called


Pusa Gaurav is a


Breeding crops with higher levels of nutrients is called


A typical example for SCP is


A technique of growing plant cells/tissues/organs in sterile culture medium under controlled aseptic conditions is called


The ability to generate a whole plant from any cell/explant is called


The fusion of protoplasts from two different varieties of plants with desirable characters to get hybrid protoplasts is called
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