Reproduction in organisms | Basic Level Test | Topic 2: Sexual reproduction

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Topic 2: Sexual reproduction

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The period of growth to reach in maturity for sexual reproduction is called the


................... flowers once in 12 years.


The cyclical changes occurring in the ovaries, accessory ducts and hormones during the reproductive phase of female primates is called


The formation of male and female gametes are known as


Which of the following plants is bisexual?


If male & female flowers are present on same plant, it is called


Number of chromosomes in meiocytes of human being is


The fusion of gametes to form a diploid zygote is called


In rotifers, honeybees, some lizards, birds (turkey) etc., female gamete develops to new organisms without fertilisation. This is called


If zygote develops into a young one inside the female body, it is called
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