Biotechnology-Principles and Processes | Basic Level Test | Topic 2: Processes of Recombinant DNA Technology

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Topic 2: Processes of Recombinant DNA Technology

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To break the bacterial cells, which of the following enzymes can be used?


The DNA fragments are separated by a technique called


DNA fragments can be seen as bright orange coloured bands when they are stained with .................. and exposed to UV radiation.


DNA bands are cut out from agarose gel. It is called


The synthesis of multiple copies of the gene of interest in vitro using 2 sets of primers & the enzyme DNA polymerase is called


Which of the following is not the step of PCR?


The joining of the two primers (at 52° C) at the 3’ end of the DNA templates is called


Extension is the addition of nucleotides to the primer using an enzyme


................ are the vessels in which raw materials are biologically converted to specific products, enzymes etc., using microbial, plant, animal or human cells.


A series of processes such as separation and purification of products after the biosynthetic stage is called
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