Life Processes | Class 10 | Activity 6.5 with Solution

Life Processes | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 6.5

Take some fruit juice or sugar solution and add some yeast to this. Take this mixture in a test tube fitted with a one-holed cork.

Fit the cork with a bent glass tube. Dip the free end of the glass tube into a test tube containing freshly prepared lime water.

What change is observed in the lime water and how long does it take for this change to occur?

  • Answer: Air taken out through the tube makes lime water milky. 

What does this tell us about the products of fermentation?

  • ✅ Answer: Products of fermentation are CO2 and alcohol. 


  1. please give the answer of the first question as it it asked that how much time it takes to occur the change which is not given plz give that plz plz

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