Heredity and Evolution | Class 10 | Activity 9.1 with Solution

Heredity and Evolution | Activities in Text Book with Solution

Activity 9.1

Observe the ears of all the students in the class.
Prepare a list of students having free or attached earlobes and calculate the percentage of students having each (Fig. 9.2).
Find out about the earlobes of the parents of each student in the class. Correlate the earlobe type of each student with that of their parents. Based on this evidence, suggest a possible rule for the inheritance of earlobe types.

Fig. 9.2

Answer: This activity should be done by students in the classroom. 
Most of the individuals have free ear lobes (dominant trait) and some have attached ear lobe (recessive trait).

For example: In a class room, 50 students are there. Of them, 4 students have attached ear lobe and and others have free earlobe. 

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