Focus Area 2021 | Questions and Answers | Plus One Zoology | The Living World


1.     Complete the table. (Score 1)

Common name

Biological name


Homo sapiens




A: Human                 B: Musca domestica

2.     A storehouse of plant specimens that are dried, pressed, and preserved on sheets are known as ……… (Score 1)

Answer: Herbarium

3.     Note the first pair of words and write a suitable word for the second pair. (Score 1)

Living plants: Botanical gardens         

Living animals: ….……..…..

Answer: Zoological parks (Zoos)

4.     Name the taxonomical aid where the terms couplet and lead are used. (Score 1)

Answer: Key

5. the taxonomical aid based on contrasting characters generally in a pair called a couplet. (Score 1)

Answer: Key

6.     During the adventurous trip a plus one student got a skull and skeletal part of rare animal from the Chinnar forest. Select the suitable location for keeping it from the list of taxonomic aids given below: (Score 1)

(Herbarium, Museum, Zoological park, Botanical garden).

Answer: Museum.

7.     Actual account of habitat and distribution of plant species of a given area is called (Score 1)

(Key, Manuals, Flora, Monographs)

Answer: Flora

8.     ………… is the record that contains information for the identification of names of species in an area. (Score 1)

Answer: Manuals

9.     Name the records that contain information on any one taxon. (Score 1)

Answer: Monographs


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