Chemical Reactions and Equations | Activity 1.9 with Solution

Activity 1.9

  • Take three iron nails and clean them by rubbing with sand paper.
  • Take two test tubes marked as (A) and (B). In each test tube, take about 10 mL copper sulphate solution.
  • Tie two iron nails with a thread and immerse them carefully in the copper sulphate solution in test tube B for about 20 minutes [Fig. 1.8 (a)]. Keep one iron nail aside for comparison.
  • After 20 minutes, take out the iron nails from the copper sulphate solution.
  • Compare the intensity of the blue colour of copper sulphate solutions in test tubes (A) and (B) [Fig. 1.8 (b)].
  • Also, compare the colour of the iron nails dipped in the copper sulphate solution with the one kept aside [Fig. 1.8 (b)].

After 20 minutes, take out the iron nails. They become brownish in colour. Blue colour of CuSO4 solution fades.
This is due to the following chemical reaction:

Here, iron has displaced by copper from CuSO4 solution.
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