Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production | Class 12 Botany| Previous Years Questions and Answers (2018 to 2020)


2020 SAY

1.   There are five main steps in breeding a new genetic variety of a crop. (3)

(a)    Write that five steps.

(b)   Name a semi-dwarf variety of wheat produced in India.

ü Answer:

(a)  (i) Collection of variability

(ii) Evaluation and selection p

(iii) Cross hybridisation among

(iv)Selection and testing of

(v) Testing, release and commercialization of new cultivars

(b) Sonalika/ Kalyan Sona

2020 MARCH

1.   ..................... is a better yielding semi dwarf variety of rice developed in India. (1)

a.      Sonalika                     b.   Kalyan Sona

c.      IR-8                            d.   Jaya

ü Answer:

(d) Jaya  

2.   What is biofortification? Write any two objectives of biofortification. (2)

ü Answer:

Biofortification is the breeding crops with high levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. to improve public health.


    To improve Protein content and quality.

    To improve Oil content and quality.

    To improve Vitamin content.

2019 SAY June

1.   Explant and totipotency are two terms related to tissue culture. (3)

a.      Define these two terms.

b.     What is a somaclone?

ü Answer:

(a) Explant: Any part of a plant taken out and grown in a nutrient medium.

Totipotency: Capacity to generate a whole plant from a cell or explant.

(b) Somaclone: Genetically identical offspring developed through tissue culture.

2019 MARCH

1.   Outbreeding in animals may be outcrossing, crossbreeding and interspecific hybridisation. (3)

a.      Give an example for a progeny obtained by interspecific hybridisation.

b.     How does outcrossing differs from crossbreeding?

ü Answer:

(a) Mule.

(b) Outcrossing: Cross between individuals of same breed but beyond 4 to 6 generations.

Crossbreeding: Cross between individuals of two different breeds.

2018 SAY June

1.   Identity the freshwater fish from the following: (1)

a.      Sardine

b.     Mackerel

c.      Rohu

d.     Hilsa

ü Answer:

(c) Rohu.

2.   Your friend wishes to start a poultry farm. What are the important suggestions given to him for successful management of the farm? (2)

ü Answer:

Ÿ Selection of suitable and disease-free breeds of poultry.

Ÿ Proper and safe farm conditions.

2018 MARCH

1.   Select the disease resistant variety of Bhindi produced by mutation breeding. (1)

(a)    Himgiri                (b) Parbhani Kranti

(c)    Pusa Gaurav        (d) Pusa Komal

ü Answer:

(b) Parbhani kranti.

2.   Controlled breeding experiments can be carried out using artificial insemination. What are the advantages of this process? (2)

ü Answer:

Collected semen may be used immediately or can be frozen for later use.

Frozen semen can also be transported.

3.   Bio-fortification is a practical approach to improve the public health. Name any four such crops released by IARI. (2)

ü Answer:

Ÿ Vitamin A enriched carrots, spinach, pumpkin.

Ÿ Vitamin C enriched bitter gourd, bathua, mustard, tomato.

Ÿ Iron & calcium enriched spinach & bathua.

Ÿ Protein enriched beans.


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