Human Health and Diseases | Class 12 Zoology | Previous Years Questions and Answers (2018 to 2020)


2020 SAY

1.  Observe the list of certain common diseases in human given below and answer the following: (2)

Common cold, Malaria, Amoebiasis, Typhoid, Filariasis

(a)    Identify the bacterial disease among the enlisted.

(b)   Name its causative organism.

(c)    Mention any two symptoms of it.

ü Answer:

(a) Typhoid.

(b) Salmonella typhi.

(c) Sustained high fever, stomach pain, constipation, head ache etc.

2.   Prepare a pamphlet as part of an awareness programme in your school regarding the “Prevention and control of Alcohol and Drug abuse in adolescents”. (3)

[Hint: Prevention and control measures]

ü Answer:

·       Avoid undue peer pressure.

·       Education and counselling.

·       Seeking help from parents and peers.

·       Looking for danger signs.

·       Seeking professional and medical help.

2020 MARCH

1.   Name any two protozoan diseases, its causative organism and any two symptoms. (2)

ü Answer:

Protozoan disease 1: Malaria

Causative organism: Plasmodium sp.

Symptoms: Chill and high fever.

Protozoan disease 2: Amoebiasis.

Causative organism: Entamoeba histolytica.

Symptoms: Constipation, abdominal pain.

2.   Complete the illustration chart given below. (2)

ü Answer:

(a) Opioids

(b) Stimulates CNS.

(c) Papaver sominferum (Poppy plant)

(d) Cannabis sativa (Hemp plant)

3.   Explain the measures useful for prevention and control of alcohol and drugs abuse among adolescents. (3)

ü Answer:

Avoid undue peer pressure.

Education and counselling.

Seeking help from parents and peers.

Looking for danger signs.

Seeking professional and medical help.

2019 SAY June

1.   'Don't die of ignorance.' (2)

a.      About which it is mentioned?

b.     List two measures taken by WHO to prevent it.

ü Answer:

(a) AIDS

(b) Advocate safe sex and free distribution of condoms.

Make blood (from blood banks) safe from HIV.

2.   Observe the figure and answer the following questions: (2)

a.      Identify the given molecule.

b.     Mention two types of immune responses in human body.

ü Answer:

(a) Antibody (Immunoglobulin)

(b) Humoral immune response (AMI) and Cell mediated immune response (CMI).

3.   Write the effect of the following drugs in human body: (3)

a.      Opioids

b.     Cannabinoids

c.      Coca alkaloids

ü Answer:

(a) Opioids: Depressants. Affect CNS.

(b) Cannabinoids: Acts in brain. Affects cardiovascular system.

(c) Coca alkaloids: Stimulates CNS.

2019 MARCH

1.   Complete the flow chart given below: (2)

ü Answer:

(a) Acquired immunity.

(b) Physiological barrier

(c) Cytokine barrier

(d) Cell mediated immunity.

2.   List of some diseases commonly occurring in man are given below. Arrange them based on causative organism in the table. (2)

Malaria, Common cold, Filariasis, Typhoid, Ascariasis, Ringworms, Amoebiasis, Pneumonia









ü Answer:








Common cold



2018 SAY

1.   Identity the bacterial disease from the following: (1)

a.      Typhoid

b.     Amoebiasis

c.      Malaria

d.     Filariasis

ü Answer:

(a) Typhoid 

2.   Classify the following barriers of innate immunity under three suitable headings: (3)

Skin, Saliva, WBC, Monocyte, Mucus, Acid of stomach

ü Answer:

Physical barriers: Skin, Mucus.

Physiological barriers: Acid of stomach, Saliva.

Cellular barriers: WBC, Monocyte.

2018 MARCH

1.   Innate immunity is a non-specific type of defense and consists of four types of barriers. Categorize the barriers and give one example for each. (2)

ü Answer:

Physical barriers: E.g. Skin.

Physiological barriers: E.g. Gastric HCl.

Cellular barriers: E.g. Neutrophils.

Cytokine barriers: E.g. Interferon.  

2.   Complete the table given below: (2)





…….. A……

Stomach pain, intestinal perforation



Sore throat, hoarseness

Malignant malaria

……. C……

Chill, high fever

……. D…….


Chronic inflammation of lymph gland

ü Answer:

A = Salmonella typhi

B = Common cold

C = Plasmodium falciparum

D = Filariasis (Elephantiasis)

3.   Consumption of drug and alcohol affects the persons mental and physical health very badly. List the warning signs of alcohol or drug abuse. (2)

ü Answer:

Drop in academic performance and absence from school.

Lack of interest in personal hygiene.

Withdrawal and isolation.

Change in sleeping and eating habits.

Loss of interest in hobbies.

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