2020 March | HSE +2 Exam | Botany Question Paper

2020 MARCH (+2)

Answer any 3 questions from 1 - 5. Each carries 1 score. (3 x 1 = 3)

1. Which one of the following has the largest population in a food chain?

a. Producers
b. Primary consumers
c. Secondary consumers
d. Tertiary consumers

2. Which among the following is a selectable marker in pBR - 322?

a. "Ori"
b. Hind III
c. ampR
d. rop

3. ...................... is a better yielding semi dwarf variety of rice developed in India.

a. Sonalika
b. Kalyan Sona
c. IR-8
d. Jaya

4. What is a Clone?

5. Fill up the blank suitably.

Mortality: No. of deaths in the population during a given period.
..........................: No. of births in the population during a given period.

Answer any 9 questions from 6 - 16. Each carries 2 score. (9 x 2 = 18)

6. What are the main consequences of Global warming?

7. What is the difference between hydrarch succession and xerarch succession.

8. Suggest any two methods for the disposal of solid wastes.

9. Match the columns A and B.



(a)    Rhizome

i)        Agave

(b)    Bulbil

ii)      Water hyacinth

(c)    Offset

iii)    Ginger

(d)    Leaf buds

iv)    Potato


v)      Bryophyllum

10. Identify the types of population growth noted in the graph as 'A' and 'B'.

11. How does the inactive protoxin of Bacillus thuringiensis gets converted into active toxin when an insect ingests it?

12. Given below is a data showing number of individuals and dry weight of different trophic levels in a grassland ecosystem. Construct, 

a. Pyramid of number
b. Pyramid of biomass

Trophic level

Number of individuals

Dry weight (Kg m-2)

Primary producer



Primary consumer



Secondary consumer



Tertiary consumer



13. How can you differentiate true fruits from false fruits?

14. What is biofortification? Write any two objectives of biofortification.

15. How can we make a host cell competent to receive a foreign gene or DNA?

16. Early diagnosis is essential for the effective treatment of a disease. Write any two molecular diagnostic methods.

Answer any 3 questions from 17 - 20. Each carries 3 score.

17. Define the following terms:

a. Autogamy
b. Geitonogamy
c. Xenogamy

18. Ozone depletion in stratosphere is a serious environmental issue.

a. What is good ozone?
b. How do CFCs degrade ozone molecules in stratosphere?

19. The following are the diagrams of two important processes used in rDNA technology.

a. Identify A and B.
b. Write the uses of A and B in rDNA technology.

20. Given below are examples for some ecological/population interactions. Place them under suitable columns provided below.

a. Abingdon tortoise and goat.
b. Cuscuta and host tree.
c. Fig tree and wasp.
d. Algae and fungi in Lichens
e. Belanus and Chathamalus bemacles
f. Lice on humans. 










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