2019 June (SAY) | HSE +2 Exam | Zoology Question Paper



(Maximum: 30 Scores)

Answer all questions from 1 to 3. Each carries 1 Score. (3 x 1 = 3).

1. Find out the correct sequence:
  1. Fertilisation → Zygote → Blastula → Morula → Cleavage → Implantation.
  2. Fertilisation → Zygote → Cleavage → Morula → Implantation → Blastula.
  3. Fertilisation → Zygote → Morula → Cleavage → Implantation → Blastula.
  4. Fertilisation → Zygote → Cleavage → Morula → Blastula → Implantation.
2. Identify the following symbols in pedigree Analysis.

3. In a double stranded DNA, the ratios between Adenine and Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine are constant and equal one. Who observed this fact?

Answer any 9 questions from 4-14. Each carries 2 Scores. (9 x 2 = 18)

4. Observe the cross of a pure violet and white flower.

  1. By using the F1 progeny design a test cross.
  2. Mention the significance of test cross.
5. 'Don't die of ignorance.'
  1. About which it is mentioned?
  2. List two measures taken by WHO to prevent it.
6. Match the following:



(a) Citric Acid

(b) Acetic acid

(c) Lactic acid

(d) Butyric acid

I. Acetobactor aceti

Il. Clostridium butylicum

III. Aspergillus niger

IV. Lactobacillus

V. Trichoderma polysporum

VI. Saccharomyces cerevisiae

7. Each symptom of two chromosomal disorders are given below:
  • Gynaecomastia.
  • Rudimentary ovary and lack of secondary sexual characters.
  1. Identify the disorders.
  2. Give the reason for these disorders.
8. Observe the diagram of a double stranded DNA strand:

Identify the bonds A, B, C & D.

9. 'LH Surge' induces the rupture of Graafian follicle.
  1. Which gland produces LH and in which day LH Surge happens?
  2. Write the role of LH in males.
10. Bio-fertilisers are organisms that enrich the nutrient quality of the' soil. How these bio- fertilisers enrich the soil nutrients ? Give two examples.

11. Based on evolution in the geological period arrange the plants and animals in the correct order in various million years ago. Choose the appropriate organisms from the bracket.

[Reptiles, Plants, Sea-weeds, Jawless fish, Fish with stout fin]


12. The following diagram shows a process in the Ribosome:

Identify the process and explain.

13. Make a flow chart using the following terms:

[Natural selection, Struggle for existence, Variation, Origin of species, Over production, Survival of the fittest] 

14. Observe the figure and answer the following questions:

  1. Identify the given molecule.
  2. Mention two types of immune responses in human body.
Answer any 3 Questions from 15 to 18. Each carries 3 score. (3 x 3 = 9)

15. Write the effect of the following drugs in human body:
  1. Opioids
  2. Cannabinoids
  3. Coca alkaloids
16. There are several methods of in vitro fertilisation to assist couples who lack the ability of fertilisation.
  1. Give the popular name of the programme.
  2. Suggest two techniques of in vitro fertilisation and their conditions of transfer to assist these people.
17. In your school, the Science Club decided to conduct a seminar about "Biodiversity conservation - Approaches". You are invited to present a paper on this seminar. List out the main points you included in the presentation.

[Hint: In Situ, Ex-Situ conservation] 

18. Transcription of eukaryotes are more complicated than that of prokaryotes. Explain any two additional complexities found in the transcription of eukaryotes.


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