NEET- Reproduction in Organisms- Online test series

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Question 1
The period from birth to the natural death of an organism represents ...............
Question 2
Which one of the following has natural death?
Question 3
Match the following:
Question 4
Morphologically and genetically similar individuals are known as
Question 5
Amoeba reproduces asexually by
Question 6
Binary fission is a method reproduction in
Question 7
Hydra, Sponge and Yeast can reproduce by
Question 8
In plants, the units of vegetative propagation are
Question 9
Match the following:
Question 10
The period of growth to reach in maturity for sexual reproduction is called
Question 11
In higher plants, the end of vegetative phase is indicated by the
Question 12
Which group of plants show clear cut vegetative, reproductive & senescent phases?
Question 13
Strobilanthus kunthiana flowers once in
Question 14
The females of placental mammals exhibit cyclical changes in the ovaries, accessory ducts and hormones during the reproductive phase. In non-primates, this phenomenon is called
Question 15
In the last phase of lifespan, metabolism gradually slows down. It ultimately leads to
Question 16
The events in sexual reproduction prior to the fusion of gametes are
Question 17
Which of the following organism has homogametes?
Question 18
Which of the following statements is wrong?
Question 19
If male and female reproductive structures are present on different individuals, it is called
Question 20
Fungi may be
Question 21
Match the following:
Question 22
Chromosome numbers of Apple, rice, maize, potato and onion respectively are
Question 23
Which organism has the highest chromosome number?
Question 24
Which of the following sets of organisms have haploid parental body?
Question 25
Which statement is false?
Question 26
In rotifers, honeybees, some lizards, birds such as turkey etc., female gamete develops to new organisms without fertilisation. This is called
Question 27
Regarding external fertilisation, pick out the false statement from the following.
Question 28
Regarding the site of fertilization, find out the odd one.
Question 29
In seed plants,
Question 30
In organisms with haplontic life cycle,
Question 31
Pick out the false statement.
Question 32
During embryogenesis, the modifications of groups of cells into various tissues and organs are caused by
Question 33
Oviparity means
Question 34
Which of the following is more advanced for proper care and protection of embryo?
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