NEET | Microbes in Human Welfare | Medium Level Online Test

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Question 1
Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) can
i) Converts milk to curd
ii) Partially digest casein
iii) Increases cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)
Question 2
Propionibacterium sharmanii and Penicillium roqueforti are concerned with
Question 3
Choose the correct combination.
Question 4
Select the mismatching set.
Question 5
Of the following, select the beverages that are not distilled.
Question 6
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is also known as
Question 7
Some statements related to antibiotics are given below:
i. Very effective against viral diseases.
ii. Produced by microbes and used to kill pathogens.
iii. Used to treat Plague, Pertussis, Leprosy etc.
iv. Magic medicines with least side effects.
Question 8
Select the odd man out.
Question 9
Which is correct statement?
Question 10
Cyclosporine A is
Question 11
Which of the following is known as ‘clot buster’?
Question 12
Choose the correct sequence of steps of sewage treatment in STP.
Question 13
In sewage treatment, flocs means
Question 14
BOD means
Question 15
During sewage treatment, biogas is produced in
Question 16
IARI and KVIC are related with
Question 17
Methanobacterium is related to
Question 18
Choose the wrong combination.
Question 19
Odd man out.
Question 20
Consider the following statements:
i. Glomus absorbs phosphorous from soil and passes to the plant.
ii. Azospirillum & Azotobacter are biocontrol agents.
iii. Primary sewage treatment is also known as biological treatment.
iv. In sewage treatment, both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria take part.
Question 21
Which of the following is microbial biocontrol agent?
Question 22
Bacillus thuringiensis helps to control
Question 23
An important biofertiliser found in paddy fields is
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