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Question 1
During the 8th month of pregnancy testes descent into scrotal sac through
Question 2
Odd man out.
Question 3
Diagrammatic representation of male reproductive system is given below. Identify the labelled parts in the sequence A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
Question 4
Select the wrong statement.
Question 5
In most mammals, the testes are located in scrotal sac for
Question 6
Labia minora is
Question 7
Function of seminal plasma is
Question 8
Duct system of female reproductive system includes
Question 9
Testosterone is produced by
Question 10
Select the correct order from outer to inner.
Question 11
Select the correct sequence.
Question 12
The mammary glands are paired structures that contain ............... and variable amount of ...............
Question 13
For producing 1000 sperms and 250 eggs they require
Question 14
Select the odd one out.
Question 15
The stage seen closest to the lumen of seminiferous tubule is
Question 16
Both corpus luteum and macula lutea are
Question 17
Select the wrong statement.
Question 18
In male, FSH acts on
Question 19
Differentiation of spermatids into sperms is called
Question 20
Diagrammatic sectional view of a seminiferous tubule is given below. Identify the correct sequence for cells becoming differentiated.
Question 21
Release of ovum from Graafian follicle is called
Question 22
Which is true about the cytoplasm of sperm and ovum?
Question 23
A secondary oocyte undergoes second meiosis to form
Question 24
Which is not suitable for spermatogenesis?
Question 25
In oogenesis, second meiotic division occurs
Question 26
Ovum released from Graafian follicle will be at the stage of
Question 27
Which of the following is in the correct order?
Question 28
Function of spiral mitochondria in the sperm is
Question 29
First menstruation during puberty is
Question 30
Progesterone is secreted by
Question 31
Pick the odd one out.
Question 32
Menstruation occurs
Question 33
Match the following:
Question 34
In proliferative phase
Question 35
Which of the following events is correctly matched with the time period in a normal menstrual cycle?
Question 36
Mark the correct sequence of development of embryo.
Question 37
During cleavage size of
Question 38
Select the correct sequence.
Question 39
Select the correctly labelled option.
Question 40
Placenta is connected to the embryo by
Question 41
Which of the following is not produced by placenta?
Question 42
The part that become embryo proper is
Question 43
A morula contains
Question 44
Select the correct sequence.
Question 45
During embryonic stage, blood is derived from
Question 46
During pregnancy, which hormone level is not increased?
Question 47
The yellowish milk produced during the initial days of lactation is called
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