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Question 1
Who popularized the term ‘biodiversity’?
Question 2
Choose the right one which denotes genetic diversity in correct sequence.
Question 3
Deserts, forests, alpine meadows etc. are examples for
Question 4
Diversity of the habitats over the landscape or geographical area is called
Question 5
According to IUCN (2004) the number of species described so far is
Question 6
Find out the false statement related with species richness of the world.
Question 7
Given here is a pie chart representation of the extent of global diversity of invertebrates. What groups the four portions (A-D) represent respectively?
Question 8
Biologists are not sure about total number of many prokaryotic species because
Question 9
Latitudinal range of tropics is
Question 10
The relation between species richness and area is describes on a logarithmic scale by the equation
Question 11
Species richness is highest in tropics because
Question 12
Rivet Popper Hypothesis is proposed by
Question 13
Based on Rivet Popper Hypothesis, honeybees can be compared to
Question 14
IUCN Red List (2004) documents extinction of …… species
Question 15
Stellar’s sea cow, passenger pigeon etc. are extinct mainly due to
Question 16
Which of the following is not ‘The Evil Quartet’?
Question 17
Example for co-extinction is
Question 18
The ecosystem service that gives aesthetic value is
Question 19
What is true about biosphere reserves?
Question 20
In a biosphere reserves, 1. Core zone 2. Buffer zone and 3. Transition (manipulation) zone represent
Question 21
Vulnerable taxon means
Question 22
Which of the following is not broadly utilitarian argument?
Question 23
Odd man out.
Question 24
Number of hotspots in world
Question 25
The Earth Summit (1992) was conducted in
Question 26
Example for alien species invasion
Question 27
Number biosphere reserves in India
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