Strategies for enhancement in food production: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH
1.     (a) Resistance is the ability to prevent the pathogen from causing disease.

(1)     Elucidate the steps in breeding for disease resistance.
(2)     Cite two examples for virus resistant plants.                                                                         (Scores: 3)
(b) Tissue culture is an achievement in plant breeding. What is a somaclone? Describe the production of somatic hybrid.
2.     Many of the flowering plants have developed some devices for discouraging in breeding. Write any two of them.   (Scores: 2)
2016 SAY
1.     (a)  Describe the major steps followed for the production of new genetic variety starting from the collection of germplasm up to elucidating the cultivars.             (Score 1½)
(b) A plant breeder has a rare variety of cultivar with him but unfortunately it has become infected with virus. Suggest a suitable technique to produce many viable number of progenies with a short note.                       (Score 1½)
MARCH 2017
1.     Match the following varieties with their respective crops:
Variety                            Crop
(a) Pusa Swarnim                 (i) Chilly
(b) Pusa Snowball               (ii) Bhindi
(c) Pusa Sawani                   (iii) Cauliflower
(d) Pusa Sadabahar            (iv) Brassica          (Score: ½ X 4 = 2)
2.     Breeding crops with the objective of increased nutritional quality is called …………………….     (Score: 1)
3.     Nature has mechanisms to promote outbreeding in plants. Explain any two mechanisms existing in plants to promote outbreeding. (Scores: 2)
MARCH 2018
1.     Select the disease resistant variety of Bhindi produced by mutation breeding.
(a)   Himgiri                   (b) Prabhani Kranti
(b)   Pusa Gaurav         (d) Pusa Komal
2.     Controlled breeding experiments can be carried out using artificial insemination. What are the advantages of this process?
3.     Bio-fortification is a practical approach to improve the public health. Name any four such crops released by IARI.

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