Reproductive health: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH
1.     Categorize the given birth control methods into three groups with proper heads.
Cervical caps, Vasectomy, CuT, Tubectomy, Diaphragms, Condoms, Lippes loop
2016 SAY
1.     Diagnostic report of two couples having infertility problems are given below:
a.     The woman cannot produce ovum.
b.     The man has very low sperm count in semen.
Suggest a suitable Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) for each problem in expanded form.    (Scores 2)
2017 MARCH
1.     Which of the following pairs of STDs is completely curable?
(1) HIV, Hepatitis-B
(2) Hepatitis-B, Gonorrhea
(3) Syphilis, Gonorrhea
(4) Chlamydomonas, genital-herpes                        (Score: 1)
2.     What is ART? Categorize the following ARTs based on their applications in male sterility and female sterility:
GIFT, Al                                                                     (Scores: 2)
2018 MARCH
1.     Different contraceptive methods are given below. Pick out the odd one.
(a) Cu T                         (b) Saheli 
(c) Multiload 375          (d) Lippes loop
2.     Different contraceptive methods are used to control population explosion. Summarise the natural method and barrier method of contraception.
3.     Sexually transmitted disease (STD) are mainly transmitted through sexual contact.
(a) Name any two examples of sexually transmitted disease.
(b) Explain any two methods adopted to prevent STDs.

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