Reproduction in organisms: Previous Year Questions Part 1


2010 MARCH
1.     Fill up the blanks after reading the statement: (1)
The post fertilization events in angiosperms.

Zygote                    :               Embryo
Ovule                     :               ………………
Ovary                     :               ………………                       
2.     Given below are 3 gametes a, b and c. a and b gametes undergo fusion.
a.     Identify the fusion.
b.     Give the explanation for the identification. (1)
2010 SAY
1.     Find out which of the statements are true. (1)
a.   Ovary develops into fruit.
b.   In flowering plants, zygote is formed outside the ovule.
c.    Ovules develop into fruit.
d.   Zygotes develop into embryo.
2.     Farmers are propagating plants using vegetative structures. Can you mention the names of any two such structures? (1)
2011 MARCH
No questions
2011 SAY
1.     Pre-fertilization events of sexual reproduction in all organisms are gametogenesis and gamete transfer. What are the post fertilization events? (1)
2.     You are asked to plant ginger in your home. Which part of ginger you will plant? Name the type of reproduction. (1)
2012 MARCH
1.     In asexual reproduction, offspring are produced by a single parent with or without the involvement of gamete formation. Name the asexual reproductive structures (a & b) given below. (2)
2012 SAY
1.     Zoospores are common asexual reproductive structures in plants and animals with relatively simple organization. Name two other asexual reproductive structures seen in the group. (1)


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