Human Reproduction: Previous Year Questions Part 3


2016 MARCH

1.   Match the columns A and B: (2)
A                                 B
Corpus luteum             Embryo
Leydig cells                   Implantation
Blastocyst                      Progesterone
Inner cell mass             Androgen
2.   Breast feeding during initial period of infant growth is necessary to develop immunity of new born babies. Why? (1)
2016 SAY

1. The process of fusion of a sperm with ovum is called …………. (Score 1)
2. Match columns A and B: (Scores 2)

A                                    B
Ovulation                          Sperm
Luteal phase                      Oogenesis
Acrosome                          Blastocyst
Inner cell mass                  LH

2017 MARCH

1. Feeding in the first few days is essential for preventing infections in a newly born baby. Why? (Score: 1)
2. LH and FSH are gonadotrophins. Distinguish their roles in males and females. (Scores: 2)

2018 MARCH

1.     Name the cells in testes which synthesize and secrete the androgens.

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